Scrunch Spade - Dusty Rose

Scrunch Spade - Dusty Rose
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Pair your Scrunch Bucket with the Scrunch Spade! The solid and soft texture make the spade child friendly and easy to grip. Your child will enjoy shovelling sand at the beach, digging up dirt in the garden, and even collecting snow with their Scrunch Spade.

The Scrunch Spade is available in the same vibrant colours as the Scrunch Bucket. This perfect pair can be folded and banned together to fit into the tiniest of spaces.

  • Child sized with rubberized easy grip handle
  • Small and easy to store when travelling or at home
  • Solid, strong, and made to last
  • Non-toxic, food-grade silicone
  • Washable and easy to keep clean
  • Durable materials mean the bright colour will not fade or be affected by salt water

Don't forget to purchase a Scrunch Bucket to go with your Scrunch Spade!

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