1st Class Kid Pillow & Pump Bundle

1st Class Kid Pillow & Pump Bundle
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Save $$$ when you bundle your 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow with a Tropo Travel Air Pump!

1st Class Kid Travel Pillow

The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow is an inflatable pillow that is designed to fill the legroom area of a seat on various modes of transportation. Using the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow, adults and children can stretch their legs comfortably or spread out to sleep rather than lying across accompanying passengers. 


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easily folded or rolled to fit into a carry-on.
  • Inflates the pillow by mouth in 2-3 minutes
  • Save your breath with the Tropo Travel Air Pump!
  • Inflated pillow measures 45.5cm x 45.5cm x 30.5cm.
  • Deflates easily in 3 seconds.

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Tropo Travel Air Pump

Using the Tropo Travel Air Pump you can quickly inflate and deflate your 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow. When you reach your destination, you can use your Tropo Travel Air Pump for your beach toys and air mattress. After your vacation, use your Tropo Travel Air Pump for your suitcase vacuum bags.


  • Includes 4 Nozzles:
    • Large Caliber Nozzle
    • Sharp Nozzle
    • Rubber Nozzle
    • Vacuum Nozzle
  • Quick Inflation & Deflation
  • Pocket Size
  • Lightweight
  • Vacuum Bag Friendly
  • Requires 4AA Batteries