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Lisa N
"We travelled with our 2 boys aged 2 and 4 from Hong Kong to Dubai on a 9 hour day flight and from Dubai to Geneva on an 8 hour night flight with these travel pillows. We chose this option because it was almost 7 times cheaper than the alternatives on the market and so much smaller. We were actually amazed at how small they were when they arrived in the post, both fitted easily into the bottom of one of our backpacks with plenty of room to spare. 

We blew them up as soon as the seatbelt signs went off and we flew the whole of both flights with them inflated. They served as foot rests when the kids were awake and sat up and what we liked most was that it stopped them from kicking the seats in front which we usually spend most of our time on a flight telling them to stop. I also used them myself to rest my own feet on when the kids were resting on me.

During the night flight, usually our 4 year old screams because he can't stretch out and sleep but this time he slept peacefully for almost the whole of the night flight, either curled up on the pillow or over my legs which were up on the pillow. My 2 year old looked very comfortable and it looked like a perfect size for him to curl up onto like he would in his own bed.
Overall we were very happy with the price, the size, the ease of use and ultimately how much more comfortable they made our difficult long haul journey with 2 small children.

Even if I had no children I would buy one of these just for myself to put my own legs up on :) and I will never travel long haul without them again."