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Travel Codex

June 20 2017

Product Review: 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow

When your son or daughter becomes too large or fidgety to remain as a lap child, and you finally decide to plunk down the change for a seat, not all problems go away…

  • Why does this kid keep dropping toys on the floor?
  • How do I get the baby to sleep during nap time?
  • Will my baby be comfortable?
  • Will the baby need to sleep across my wife and I, making it so that I can’t really move?

The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow aims to answer and solve these questions.

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Cosmos Mariners: Destination Unknown

June 14 2017

1st Class Kid Travel Pillow: The Plane Accessory Every Traveling Family Needs | A Review

Every parent who travels with their kids knows that preparation and the right products are key to a memorable family trip and content children. As we do our best to show the globe to our small kids, we've been testing out products that are supposed to make that experience easier.

On our latest trip out west, we had one thing that really saved the day: the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow. Here's why it ended up being perfect for our preschooler!

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Mum on the Move

April 26, 2016

Product Review: 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow

Every travelling parent knows all too well about the trials and tribulations of flying long-haul with kids. In our article Ten Tips for surviving your First Flight with a Baby, we recommend booking an overnight flight to encourage your baby to sleep most of the hours in the air.

​This is still true as your kids get older, but with bigger kids no longer able to fit into a bassinet, this inevitably means they end up stretching out all over mum and dad, who consequently get no sleep at all!

I was therefore very excited to recently discover and test-drive a new product on the market – the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow – an inflatable pillow that fills the legroom gap on the airplane, effectively turning your child’s economy seat into a flatbed. 

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The MOM Trotter

October 18 2016

Travelling With a Child - The Essentials

Close your eyes and think about flying alone; the ease of it all. All you need is yourself and your luggage. You may not even need to check in a bag; a backpack or carry on may do the trick. Now, think about flying with a child/ren. Imagine all the things you will need, stroller, car seat, carrier etc. Flying with a child requires a lot more preparation. I have tried several different things, and can confidently make the recommendations below...

We used the Leg Rest Travel Pillow on our most recent vacation to SE Asia and it was a blessing. We flew for about 13hrs one way to Beijing, and Aiden slept 85% of the flight. He slept well, and he slept comfortably. It is also very easy to blow up and folds flat when the air. Aiden carried it in his backpack and my husband blew it up once we were in the air and Aiden was able to lay on it as soon as the seat belt sign was off. 

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Beaches Kids

August 24 2016

Upgrade your little ones seat, so that they may travel in a little more luxury at very little extra cost!

Travelling long haul with small kids can be daunting. The last time we flew long haul we only had the two little ones and it was nothing short of awful…my cuddly 8 month old baby was too big for the cots, so could only sleep in our arms whilst our 2 year old kept sliding onto the floor to fall asleep only to be woken abruptly every time by the flight attendant who insisted be sat back up in his chair causing him great upset as the poor little guy just wanted to lay down but I already had a sleeping baby in my lap and there was nowhere else for the poor little guy to go and certainly no way that Mum would get even a glimmer of rest…needless to say the journey was quite painful. 

Thankfully just before we were due to fly I discovered 1st class kid travel pillows – an inflatable pillow that fills that foot well in front of the seat on an airplane, creating more room for a child to spread out, rest their legs or curl up for a snooze. 

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FOX 9: Summer Travel with Kids

June 30 2015

1st Class Kid: This amazing contraption turns your airplane's economy seat into a first-class seat.

The 1st Class Kid inflatable travel-pillow was created by a New Zealand Mom who is now living in Las Vegas. The travel pillow inflates by using your own air (mouth), or the airplane's forced overhead-air after take-off, allowing you and your child to stretch out your legs, relax, and hopefully fall asleep. The 1st Class Kid deflates to a small square that can easily fit in your carry-on luggage (we fit two in our carry-on bag very easily). Parents can fly "stress-free" knowing their children are buckled safely in their seatbelts, while sitting comfortably on the airplane.

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