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Simply for Flying - My Flight Logbook

Mum on the Move

January 20 2016

Product Review: Simply for Flying Logbook

My kids get so excited every time we head for the airport. There are the Trunki races up and down the airport, the promise of the iPad when they get on the plane, and of course the anticipation of the holiday that we are about to go on.

But I often wonder how much of this they will remember. I’m pretty good at taking lots of photos of them, but they are still too young to keep a journal (I tried to do it for them following our holiday in Northern Queensland, but it took me hours and so that little project was never repeated again).

So this is where the Flight Logbook comes in – a little book to record all the flights they have taken. There are plenty of kids flight logbooks on the market, but one of the best and most personal I have seen is this one from Simply for Flying, and I was lucky to be sent a logbook for each of my children from Simply for Flying to review.

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June 7 2015

Simply for Flying, The Children's Flight Logbook: Review

With our first holiday abroad with BattleKid coming up last year, I decided to do a search to see if there were any nice record books in which to document his flights. I knew he’d be making a fair few from early on in his life, so thought it would be a nice thing to do for him until he was old enough to take over. My long search finally lead me to the Simply for Flying website.

A unique children’s flight logbook, its design and creation came from Bronwyn Darnoc’s own search for an age appropriate flight logbook for her own two children as they embarked on their first few flights. She herself had a logbook which was a lovely keepsake, filled with memories of her own childhood flights, and she wanted the same for her children. 

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Belle Bebes

April 25 2014

Simply for Flying: Flight Logbook for Children

If you’re taking the little ones on a plane for their holidays this year you should definitely check out the Simply for Flying log book. Flying can be a daunting and/or boring experience for children so the best way to approach it is as an adventure!

The log book was created by Bronwyn Darnoc after she couldn’t find a product, similar to the one she owned as a child, to record her son’s first flight adventure.

About the same size as a passport, the logbook has space for the child’s details and a photograph, along with 42 flight logs & journal pages for the captain and crew to fill in. It contains a message to the captain/crew explaining what the logbook is all about and educational information such as a world map, time zone chart and altitude/distance/temperature conversions.

I particularly love the examples of what captains have written in some of the logbooks. It would be wonderful for a child to receive these messages!

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Cool Mom Picks

January 27 2014

A lovely journal for your little traveler...other than a ticket to Paris

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a father who traveled for work and could take us with him on many of his trips. The sad part: I don’t have much of a written record of all our flying adventures. 

Now that I’m married to a pilot, my kids are afforded a similar luxury, but unlike me, I want them to be able to record their travels. And I think I found just the way for them to do it. 

The adorable Children’s Flight Logbook is a creation by Australian mom Bronwyn Darnoc, who got the idea during a long flight to Europe with her little one and was reminded of how much she treasured her own flight logbook growing up. The journal is about the size of a passport, and actually looks a bit like one of the first page, where your child can add a photo and information about themselves. 

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