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Over 40 and a Mum to One

June 30 2015

Scrunch Net and Bucket

When we went to Spain at the beginning of the month we asked Granny and Gramps to buy a bucket and spade for us, suitcase space is always at a premium and it made sense to buy locally and keep there.  The only issue with that being, that they won’t get used again until our next Spanish trip, whenever that may be.  Last summer when we went to Charmouth we bought Monkey a fishing net, it was great, but came with a long bamboo handle, a lethal weapon if not handled correctly and a pain to store!  Well this summer all my problems are solved as I’ve discovered the Scrunch Net and Bucket.  These items are part of a range of brightly coloured silicone products that literally scrunch up (or in the case of the net – fold up).

The whole idea of the Scrunch range, is that they are so easily transported, making them easy to use at home and when out and about on adventures.  I love the idea of this brand and know we will find a lot of different uses for the Scrunch Net and Bucket over the summer months ahead.

The Scrunch Bucket really can be folded up and carried around in a handbag, it then bounces back into shape and is ready for play time.

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Growing Family

January 30 2015

Scrunch Bucket: Review and Outdoor Play Ideas

We’ve had lots of hard plastic buckets in the past and without fail they’ve all lasted a short while before becoming brittle, snapping at the handle or breaking at the base.  They also take up lots of space when we pack them into the car boot.  The Scrunch bucket is different; it’s made of non-toxic silicone so it can be rolled, folded or scrunched into a small space, which is great for storage and when you’re struggling to fit everything into the car boot for a day out.  It’s strong and tough and the matching rope and solid handle make it really easy for kids to carry.

The kids loved their Scrunch buckets straight away.  The colours are REALLY bright which appealed to them, they’re also very tactile to hold and touch and the fact that you can squish them easily was a big hit.  Sam and Lily had free reign to choose how they were going to use their buckets, here’s the outdoor play ideas they came up with.

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Love Chic Living

September 3 2012

Review: Scrunch Buckets

If you are fed up trying to fit several buckets into your bag or car ready for the beach then you’ll love this idea. Made of silicone the Scrunch Bucket can be rolled and folded into the smallest of spaces and popped out when you need it. We LOVED them!

Off we went to the beach, Scrunch Buckets in the bag, along with spades, fishing nets, and all the usual beach gear that we have collected over the years.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t really with us this year and our day at Llandudno was the best of the bunch. But the buckets came out and were duly tested out. Being quite ‘floppy’ we wondered if they would make good sandcastles. For two young girls this was the ultimate test! And yes, the buckets didn’t fail. Water was collected, as were shells and mussels and even crabs (we put them back of course) and the buckets were a big hit and a great success.

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Baby Budgeting

August 28 2012

Review: Scrunch Buckets

Funkit World sent me some  Scrunch-buckets! Yes, I thought what on earth are they too!! 

Well here you go….The Scrunch-bucket, is  ‘a UK designed and award-winning, collapsible bucket made from silicone with a rope and solid silicone handle, is available in nine bright colours. Designed by two mothers to look good and feel good, it rolls, folds and scrunches!’

Its really lots of fun you just want to squidge it!

They are fab for children, at home and outdoors; for camping and caravanning; for sailing and the seaside; for gardening, for storing little things, for carrying little things, for moshi monster cards, for marbles , for a bag full of sweeties…I could go on. They are adorable!! They have so much going for them…..Ours currently have best quest cards in one, a bit of mud in another,  fairies in another and some stones in another. Fab! At least they look pretty

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