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The Travelling Child

February 14, 2017

Product Review: My Little Seat Travel High Chair

When traveling the world, especially as a parent you often have to adapt and go without some of the luxuries we are afforded at home. I've learned in many occasions this includes a high chair at a restaurant. When Jordyn and Kennedy were newborns to about 4 months holding them in my arms or in the carrier while eating was easy. However, once they became active trying to eat while holding them, especially something that required two hands, like a sandwich, became an Olympic Sport. I am so happy I discovered My Little Seat, the travel high chair.

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Where's Sharon?

December 2, 2016

Our Reviews of the Best Travel High Chair 2017

So you’ve decided which stroller to take, you have the perfect carrier for travelling, a handy car seat and now you are wondering if there is anything else you should take?

There might be! If you have a young kid, a travel high chair can make life so much easier. There are lots of great high chairs available too which are perfect for travel...

The My Little Seat Travel Highchair is the only wrap seat design to make my top list. This is not because there aren’t many other great wraps; there are. But this one was by far my favorite. It has the best fit for most chairs and is a great traveling high chair option. Obviously, being a wrap it has the benefit of being both extremely lightweight and portable. For travel, it is worth noting that this seat folds down to the size of a diaper (and scarcely weights more than one either).

Another great thing is that it is safe. Being so lightweight, safety can sometimes feel compromised. Luckily, this wrap has a 5 point safety harness so you needn’t worry.

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The Huffington Post

May 4, 2016

Best Baby Products for Those Who Don't Know Much

When my best friend told me she was pregnant, I immediately went into baby mode. And when she asked me to be the godfather, I also went into parenting mode. I mean... the both of us equally had experience with babies, but never one that we would be responsible for... permanently.

Between the two of us, we pretty much didn’t have it covered and the first thing we did was think about what kind of things she would need for her baby, besides all the fun outfits and toys that we were already plotting to buy. The reality was that we didn’t really know what the best products or things to buy for this baby, so we enlisted the help of all our other friends who had previously undergone this same dilemma.

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Adventures of a Mom

May 3, 2014

Top 3 Essentials for Traveling with a Baby

My Little Seat – Mobile Highchair
This little bad boy comes out about 4 times a day!! It’s a washable cloth material, 5 point safety highchair in a great choice of colours which you can easily tie on to most chairs – We’ve only been stumped twice in 5 weeks where the chairs are too big for it to go over, but they were extra large, fancy ones; it goes over almost all we’ve come across, you know it’s clean unlike most restaurant highchairs and rolls up into it’s small bag and tucks in neatly to the change/diaper bag. We’ve had so many compliments about it from people who have never seen one before I would 100% recommend it to anyone with a baby who is old enough to sit in a normal highchair. (Great unique baby shower gift too!

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The Asian Parent

5 Recommended Booster Seats for Your Kid

A harness-type booster seat like the Totseat and the Gro-Chair Harness, My Little Seat provides the most security out of the three. It has a five-point harness system that the others do not have. This is good for the wriggling kiddos, or those who are able to sit up but are still fairly unstable. It ensures that they are kept safe at dinner and not topple over.

The fabulous fabric is double-thick, lightweight, and extremely durable-- it also comes in many patterns!

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