Simply for Flying Logbook

Simply for Flying Logbook
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The Simply for Flying Logbook is a wonderful way to document a child's flying experiences. It makes the perfect gift for any avid little traveller!

Simply, hand your child's logbook to one of the flight crew at the start of your journey and have them fill in important details about the flight and aircraft. There is a spot for the Captain to record a special message, and a blank space for parents and/or the child to add a few notes perhaps about what they see out of the plane window, what they liked most about the airport or a drawing to remember their exciting adventure.

Together parents and older children can discuss their destination while they flip through the thoughtfully laid out pages containing maps, charts, aircraft types and time zones. The logbook also contains a pocket perfect for storing boarding passes and other small mementos collected on the flight.

Simply for Flying Logbook Features:

  • Small handling size of 135 x 95mm, similar to a passport, to keep with other important travel documents
  • Page for the child's picture and name
  • Includes instructional bookmark for the crew on how to fill in logbook (for flight crew members not familiar with the concept)
  • 42 flight log & journal entries to record each flight taken
  • Maps and conversion charts for teaching your child about geography
  • Fun & colourful characters featured throughout the logbook
  • Pocket for boarding passes and other collectibles

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