The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow is my hero!

We left our house in Singapore and 38 hours later we arrived home in Ontario! This journey would have been tough for most adults, and to say that my two young Travel Tots handled it like pros would be a complete understatement. They were absolutely amazing from start to finish. I was on my own, and had my hands full literally and figuratively with a two year old and a four year old. I'm so grateful for the kind encouragement and numerous offers of help that I received from generous strangers and airport/airline staff. People offering to carry and lift things for me, get me drinks, and just reassure me that I was doing an amazing job.

For the first time in four years travelling with kids, I remembered to book children's meals in advance. This made such a difference, not only was the food more appealing to children (cheesy pasta for dinner and pancakes for breakfast) but it came with fun juice bottles and a little chocolate bar. I was very envious of their meals as I tried to eat my rubbery eggs!
My Travel Tots spent over 20 hours on airplanes, and thankfully for all of us half of that time they were sleeping. This is all thanks to the comfort of their 1st Class Kid Travel Pillows.
Once they were laying down and in a stretched out position they were able to stay asleep. They were not disturbed by pins and needles in their legs or cramps in their necks. I was able to get a lot of sleep too because there weren't little people laying on top of me, causing my limbs to go numb. Anyone who's been with a child on a plane knows that if the child is sleeping on top of you, it's crucial not to move a muscle.  Waking the bear is far worse than the cramps. 
On our flight from London to Toronto, these cuties fell asleep 15 minutes after take off, and I actually had to wake them up 6.5 hours later to get off the plane! They wanted to stay there and sleep! Talk about cozy! My son is still telling everyone that the plane ride from London to Toronto is so quick.

I know that the photo below shows them sleeping in a position that is not 'permitted' by airlines. However, this is how they ended up laying and no one seemed to bother them.  I wasn't about to move them until someone asked me to.  They laid like this for hours, I guess we just got lucky that the seatbelt sign wasn't switched on.
Excitingly, we got to use our Simply for Flying Logbooks for the first time. I sure wish I had known about these sooner, with all the flying these kiddos have done they could have filled a logbook by now! Better late than never though, and they have now collected two lovely messages from the pilots on British Airways. I've already forgotten so many of the flights that they have taken so I'm thrilled that one day they will now be able to flick through these logbooks to be reminded of all the exciting trips they have taken.

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