Scrunch Buckets are the best sand toys this season!

Don't let broken sand toys ruin your child's day at the beach!

You've packed the towels, clothes, snacks, drinks, floats, chairs, umbrella, blanket and beach toys! You probably couldn't be more prepared if you tried. When you finally get set up and the kids start to play they quickly discover that the big clunky bag of toys that you packed are actually all cracked and broken. Some of the toys were fine when you looked at them, but as soon as the kids started playing, the handles snapped off, the bottoms cracked and no one noticed that there wasn't even a shovel to be found.

With Scrunch you don't have to worry about this ever happening again. Hooray! Scrunch Buckets, Frisbees and Sand Moulds are made of strong, gorgeously soft, durable silicone that will not crack or break. By using Scrunch you will be doing your part to make sure that the beach is not littered with broken, discarded sand toys and bits of sharp pieces of plastic.

Scrunch is made from non-toxic, food grade silicone. These products are safe for children to use, and the bucket can double as a doggie dish when Fido needs a drink!

When you aren't at the beach, Scrunch products can be used in the snow, in the garden, in the kitchen and even in the bathtub!

Scrunch was designed to be convenient! Scrunch Buckets, Frisbees and Sand Moulds can be rolled, folded or scrunched into any small space. This makes Scrunch perfect for keeping in your bag or car to have handy when you make an impromptu visit to a sandbox or splash pad.

Scrunch is perfect for travelling. The products are light and compact so they wont take up much space in a suitcase or backpack.  This means no more buying and throwing away toys at the end of holiday. So much better for the environment in so many ways.

Visit Travel Tots for more details about the Scrunch range of products.

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