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Hello and welcome to our Travel Tots Blog!

I bet you're wondering who we are, and why we have such amazing advice about what your kiddies need for trips!

Well...we are two friends, Melissa and Jasmine, who are passionate about travel.  We have been friends for over 20 years, and have enjoyed travelling to a lot of spectacular places together. At first, our trips were young, wild and crazy, and now they are old, wild and crazy with kids and husbands in toe! 

As our families have expanded to include infants and toddlers we have been faced with the challenge of world travel, with the kids on planes, trains, buses and boats.

Travelling with small children can seem like a daunting task to many new parents and many inexperienced travellers.  We wanted to put our expertise to good use so we decided to start a company that is committed to selling useful, compact children's travel products that genuinely aim to make travel experiences more enjoyable.

Our first offering: The 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow has completely revolutionized all of our travel on long haul flights, and we wanted to share this product with every family out there so you too can share the benefits.

Stay tuned! As we test and approve more high quality products we will make them available to you. Visit our site often for new products and travel tips.

Bon Voyage!
Jasmine & Melissa
Travel Tots

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