Do You Need to Control the Chaos in Your Car?

Anyone else amazed at what hidden 'treasures' can be found hiding under the car seat or on the floor of the backseat? YUCK!

Anyone else ever been worried that they look like a drunk driver, as they swerve around the road while trying to help their kids with snacks in the back seat? YIKES!

Luckily, we at Travel Tots have found the perfect solution to both of these common problems and it's called the Travel Tray!

The Travel Tray is a drink holder and a snack holder that will fit quickly and easily into almost all standard car seat and vehicle cup holders. It gives kids and adults the ability to easily access their food and drink when on the go and it removes the usual spills and messes. This means that you get to stay more focused on the road.

Travel Trays are 100% food safe, BPA-free, PHT-free, PVC-free, easy to wipe clean and dishwasher safe. This means that you can open packages and place the snacks right onto the tray so that you don't have to worry about this while driving.

What's more, we've found out that adults are just as eager to use the Travel Tray.  It's the perfect companion for any car console, and works wonderfully for holding an ice-coffee and breakfast snack or a protein bar and water.


We've also discovered that the Travel Tray has more uses than we originally thought. We didn't even think that the uses would extend beyond the car, but they do!

Have your kids ever been sitting in one of those folding camping chairs, only to hop up and have whatever was in the cupholder topple over and soak their seat! NIGHTMARE!

This can easily be solved by grabbing a Travel Tray from the car seat, and fitting it into your child's lawn chair.

Who doesn't love a vehicle upgrade! Like we said, the Travel Tray works in almost all standard vehicle cupholders.

We know your whole family will enjoy the Travel Tray! 

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